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Aromatherapy for Everyday Life

January 7th, 2013 by Lois Mahoney

Aromatherapy involves the use of essential oils for therapy. The idea behind aromatherapy is for the chemical components from the essential oils to trigger the release of chemicals to make a person react in an intended way, whether that is relaxed, sleepy, etc. There is such a plethora of essential oils that can be used for various uses, but let’s just take a look at five that are great for everyday use as well as massage.

1. Peppermint – has a distinct, energizing scent. It can be used for helping digestion as well as clearing out lung congestion.


2. Lavender – the most widely used essential oil! It is used for muscle pain and headaches as well as a other uses.


3. Lemon – this can be used both in massage and in food/drink. It helps fight viral and bacterial infection, reduces water retention, and when inhaled can reduce blood pressure.


4. Rosemary – can be used in massage and food. It increases energy, helps with muscle pain, and relaxes nerves.


5. Basil – again, can be used in both massage and food! It is a stimulant for the nervous system that can sharpen senses and provide a euphoric feeling.



Wimberley Day Spa: Stay Healthy and Fit with Our New Organic Massage Oils!

March 6th, 2012 by Lois Mahoney

Essential Massage Oils

Massage therapy, coupled with the use of oils, is used to increase circulation, soften tense muscles and facilitate the removal of toxins from the body. Here at the Wimberley Day Spa at Blair House Inn we use a combination of organic and environmentally friendly products by Mountain Rose Herbs. Our experienced therapists use the best available products to ensure that you have a relaxing and nourishing massage.

How does oil massage keep you fit and healthy?

Oil massage is beneficial for your body. Some of the benefits of oil massage are given below.

  • Increases circulation and provides body tissues with more oxygen.
  • Relaxes muscles and helps ease stress and tension.
  • Eases stiffness in joints.
  • Tones the body keeping it supple and young.
  • Helps flush out wastes from the body.
  • Stimulates and tones the skin.
  • Increases energy and vitality.
  • Makes you feel good!

The oil massage is a great way to start each day. Start with the head and work your way down, using upward strokes at the back of the body and downward strokes at the front. Circular motions should be clockwise. This is said to release tension. For the best results use natural oils, which can be purchased at the Wimberley Day Spa. Try these techniques at home or a schedule your appointment with one of our professional therapists.

Our Day Spa, located just minutes from the Wimberley Square, offers a variety of massage oils that can be used to aid stiff muscles, tension or help to reconnect you and your loved one.

Shake off the winter blues and celebrate the coming of spring by calling and scheduling a rejuvenating massage at Wimberley Day Spa at Blair House Inn today, don’t forget to pick up your Mountain Rose Herb organic massage oils before you leave.

We welcome the Wimberley community to schedule massages at our new Day Spa by calling and setting an appointment with one of the staff.