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September 25th, 2012 by Lois Mahoney

Beau Monde Spa in Victor in the Finger Lakes

Top 3 Questions about the Swedish Massage are Answered by Wimberley Day Spa.


What is a Swedish Massage?

 Swedish massage is the most common type of massage at the spa. Swedish massage combines various hands-on techniques including gliding, kneading, and cross-fiber friction to break up muscle knots, called adhesions. Swedish massage is based on the Western concepts of anatomy and physiology as opposed to energy work. It can be slow and gentle, or vigorous and bracing, depending on what the therapist wants to achieve. Swedish massage is performed by a trained and licensed massage therapist who lubricates the skin with massage oil and usually takes 50 to 60 minutes to massage the whole body.

What does a Swedish Massage Feel Like?

Swedish massage should feel very soothing and relaxing and is perfect for beginners.

Massage therapists use a combination of classic Swedish massage strokes to work the muscle tissue. Smooth, gliding strokes, called “effleurage,” warm up the muscle tissue. It can be done slowly or quickly, depending on the therapist. In general, a slower pace is more relaxing and quicker is more invigorating. Kneading the muscle tissue by lifting and pulling the fleshy muscle away from the skeletal structure is called “petrissage.” This starts to work the tissue a bit more deeply. Cross-fiber friction is when the therapist targets a particular trouble spot (called an “adhesion”) to separate the tissues, restore circulation and make the muscle softer and more pliable. They might use their thumb or fingers…or sometimes even an elbow (the most intense). Cross-fiber friction might feel uncomfortable or good, depending on how much pressure the therapist uses and how you interpret the sensation. Some therapists also use passive stretching, such as moving your arm over your head to mobilize the joint.

What are the Health Benefits of a Swedish Massage?

Massage has many important health benefits. In fact, massage can help you maintain physical, mental and emotional well being, especially when it is part of your regular wellness routine.

* Massage calms the nervous system and promotes a sense of relaxation and well being.

* Massage reduces tension and anxiety.

* Massage improves blood circulation, which delivers oxygen and nutrients to the cells.

* Massage stimulates the lymphatic system, which carries away the body’s waste products.

* Massage prevents and relieve muscles cramps and spasms.

* Massage therapy can help with pain management in conditions such as arthritis, sciatica, muscle spasms.

Remind yourself of these health benefits if you start to feel guilty about getting massage!

Massage is not a good idea if you have a fever, infections, inflammation, osteoporosis and other medical conditions. If you have any questions about whether a massage would be right for you, ask to speak to a massage therapist before you make your appointment with us. Here at the Wimberley Day Spa we have Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Lomi Lomi, and Hot Stone massage, so no matter what your needs are, we can accomodate them.


Hill Country Day Spa at Blair House Inn: Massage, Man’s Best Friend

April 11th, 2012 by Lois Mahoney



Work. Eat. Sleep. Gentleman, does this sound like your life? If this describes you, it might be time for a massage. Massage is a great way to reduce the stress in your life, sleep better, and improve your overall health. Massage therapy provides tremendous physical and physiological benefits. If you have somehow avoided receiving massage all these years, it’s important that you recognize that while massage may be beneficial for the majority of the population, there are specific and very unique benefits for men over 40. Getting a massage is like maintaining your car and like our cars we need regular maintenance; massage relieves stress, reduces pain, efficiently regulates blood pressure, and is effective in reducing sports related injuries. We all know that if we take good care of our cars they will last us longer, the same goes for our bodies. Regardless of our age or gender we all want to look and feel our best. Massage therapy is the one of the best ways to relax and prepare out bodies for the day-to-day hustle.

So what does science say? Experts say that regular massages may soothe a rapid heartbeat which can be induced by everyday stress or anxiety. Relaxation techniques reduce your body’s production of adrenaline, norepinephrine, and epinephrine, stress hormones that rev up your heart in the face of danger, says Atman P. Shah, M.D., an assistant professor of medicine at UCLA. A 2007, British study found that people who received an hour of reflexology treatment (a type of hand and foot massage) had rates that averaged almost 8 BPM lower than when they went without. In a 2010 study fromSweden, one 80-minute hand-and-foot massage significantly lowered men’s heart rates, cortisol levels and insulin levels-all which help lower stress. Not only can massage therapy help alleviate stress and tension, but it’s also has been shown to relieve neck and back pain, reduce heart rate and high blood pressure and improve athletic performance in men.

Men over 40 are likely frustrated that they are no longer able to lift as much weight in the gym or don’t have as much energy as they used to. Massage “oxygenates” muscle tissue, enabling it to grow fuller and stronger. And by flushing toxins and impurities from the body, massage has the potential to restore depleted energy. Treat yourself to a massage and accelerate your performance in your daily workout.

So what’s holding you back? Some guys just don’t feel comfortable being touched, especially by someone they don’t know, or they may feel embarrassed about someone rubbing their body in a private room.

If you are a little uncomfortable about receiving your first massage, you might feel more comfortable booking a Couples massage and going to your first session with your partner. At the Wimberley Day Spa, at Blair House Inn we offer couples massage, we have flexible scheduling with four professional therapist on call.

You may be pleasantly surprised by the total relaxation experienced during massage, as well as the physiological benefits received thereafter. It’s time that you set aside foolish inhibitions and recognize the benefits of massage therapy—especially for men over 40!

Gear up for the week with a massage scheduled at the Blair House Inn’s new Day Spa! Whether you’re staying the weekend to recoup or just passing by, give us a call and we’d love to schedule something for you. We offer a variety of massages and can help you pick the one best suited for your needs. We look forward to scheduling you a massage and helping you refuel for the daily grind.